Sheldon Hall, a trip back in time:



The State University of New York at Oswego was founded in 1861 as a Primary Teachers’ Training school by Edward Austin Sheldon according to the Universities website. The school moved it’s location from the City of Oswego to it’s current Lakeside home after the completion of the building now known as Sheldon Hall. Today, the campus is home to over 8,000 students and 58 buildings for academics, residencies, and athletics. Sheldon Hall is a symbol of the schools long lasting legacy of innovation.

These photographs were chosen in order to portray the historical architecture of Sheldon Hall. The green hue of the copper statue and clock tower of Sheldon Hall exemplify the decades of educational success that have passed. The massive columns that guide your entry into the building feel reminiscent of ancient Roman architecture, expressing a sort of importance and power as you walk through the doors. It’s as if you step back into time when approaching Sheldon Hall. It has become a symbol of SUNY Oswego’s success and notoriety in the SUNY system.