Mental health in college


There is a mental health crisis among college students. This is mainly because college students take on a lot more stress than a normal person would. This has led to increasing numbers of suicides among college students and  students having to drop out because of mental illnesses.

In Greg Henriques article “The College Student Mental Health Crisis” he says “95% of college counseling center directors surveyed said the number of students with significant psychological problems is a growing concern in their center or on campus. Seventy percent of directors believe that the number of students with severe psychological problems on their campus has increased in the past year.” This can be caused from a few things like stress, sleep deprivation and irregular eating habits. Depression and anxiety symptoms are the most prevalent among college students.

Studies have showed while more students are seeking help, they are not receiving the proper treatment that they need. A 2010 study about mental health in college says “The high and possibly increasing prevalence and severity of disorders among college students would be less concerning if most students with disorders were receiving appropriate treatment. Even with the apparent surge in help seeking; however, multiple studies indicate that untreated mental disorders are highly prevalent in student populations.” The study found that 24% of students with depression were receiving the proper treatment and less than 20% of students with anxiety were receiving the proper treatment. Many students will set up an appointment and get diagnosed by a therapist but then won’t follow up with a psychiatrist and not receive that treatment they need. Students will site reasons such as lack of time, privacy concerns, lack of emotional openness, and financial constraints.

While there is an increasing amount of cases of mental health on campus, individual colleges have been taking steps to provide services for students with metal illnesses. SUNY Oswego has the Mary Walker health center that provides free counseling services to students. The website says “We offer a variety of services, including individual, group and couples counseling, as well as fun outreach and educational activities designed to support interpersonal growth. The CSC staff value multicultural competence and honor the individuality of each student.” Mary walker offers as many counseling services that a student needs and also can provide appointments with a psychiatrist if it is determined that medication is needed. Oswego also offers let’s talk sessions in residence halls and various places around campus 5 days a week where students can talk about any concerns to a certified counselor.  Oswego continues to educate students on mental health and ways that students can seek treatment on campus.

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