Tyler Hall: The Never Ending Renovation


For over four years now, Tyler Hall has been under construction. Tyler Hall is the art and photography building on the SUNY Oswego college campus. Within Tyler Hall, the Tyler Art Gallery resides. This building is a beautiful addition to the campus. The problem is, this beautiful addition has been under construction for over four years now. What should be painted walls and finished ceilings, in reality, is concrete, wooden beams, and metal bars. From the outside, the building looks complete and the walls are lined with works of art. Once you step inside, you’ll see the finished first level and the beautiful theater. Once you go upstairs to the second floor, you’ll notice the barrels of supplies, the unfinished walls, the unfinished ceiling and the smell of sawdust. The history of this building goes back to 1968 and it still continues to grow, to this day.


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