How Far We’ve Come






Edward Austin Sheldon founded the school that would one day become SUNY Oswego in 1861. He loved this school so much that he lived only steps away at Shady Shore. I think Sheldon would be proud of how far his school has come.    

I chose the first photo, of the Sheldon statue because in my post I am talking about Sheldon, the second photo, of Shady Shore, I took because I talk about how Sheldon lived there, and I chose to take a photo of Shineman because it is one of the newest buildings and holds lots of advancement to show how far the school has progressed since Sheldon founded it. I chose to frame the photos the way I did because the first two are more past focused so I put them before the caption and the last photo after because it deals with the present and future of SUNY Oswego.


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