Home Sweet Scales


Scales Hall recently underwent renovations in the summer of 2017.  The renovations added new features such as handicap accessible doors to all dorm rooms and a main lounge with a wall of windows. Scales Hall was built in 1961. Walking up to Scales, you see the exterior has become more modern. Walking in, the main lounge is directly to your left, housing hall events, homework sessions, and more. Going up the stairwell leads you to the dorm rooms, housed by Scales roughly 200 residents. The renovation was sorely overdue, and breathed new light into one of Oswego’s older dorm buildings.
I chose these three photos because they represent some of the most drastic changes to Scales. The outside has been updated to look more modern, and match it’s neighbor, Waterbury Hall. I like the colors in the sky and grass, so I tried to take it at an angle where I could see both. My second photo is of the main lounge. The wall of windows provides a large amount of natural light, and is honestly one of my favorite things about Scales. My final picture is of the second floor hallway. It’s looking down the hallway, and I like the way the light shines from the window at the end.

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