What Would Students of SUNY Oswego Do if They Won the Lottery?



They say that money can’t buy you happiness but, what if you won the lottery? On October 19th 2018, the Mega Millions made national headlines because of a new record setting jackpot reached 1 billion dollars. It makes you ponder what one would do if they won that jackpot. I went around the Campus of SUNY Oswego asking multiple members of the community one simple question, what would you do if you won the lottery?

Graduating this semester Lyndsey Becker said that she would go straight to the Bahamas. “With all the work and stress I put into to graduate early I deserve to relax” is what Becker told me. She is currently looking for a job after graduation and said that the market is tough and competitive, winning the lottery will definitely get that pressure of searching for a job off her shoulders. “After this semester I have no time to relax I need a job, winning the lottery would be an escape from life.”

Sophomore Joseph Brennan said if he won he would keep a low profile, “I don’t want people to know I won. I think my friends and family will act differently towards me.” Brennan explained that he would not know how to interact with his family and friends and prefer to be distant from the winnings. Unfortunately for Brennan, he cannot keep a low profile around his friends and family, if you win the lottery in the state of New York you must reveal your identity when you accept the winnings. According to ABC.com, Delaware, Kansas, Maryland, North Dakota, Ohio and South Carolina are the only states that give lottery winners the option to remain anonymous.

The assistant hall director of cayuga hall, Chelsea Fearon said that if she won she would move her fiancé to Oswego. Fearon explain why she would, “Since I accepted this position it has been hard on both sides, long distance sucks.” Currently her fiancé is living in the west coast, and they have made plans to get married in the summer of 2019. “Winning the lottery would make life so easy, we can be together again, the money will help with cost of the wedding, the honeymoon, a house but, that’s just a dream, you know?” Fearon said quickly coming back down to earth.

“If I won the lottery I would give it all away and keep nothing” is what Emily Emmons told me. Emmons wants nothing to do with the money. Emmons explained to me that “Once you win people will start asking for favors, people who I barely even know will approach me, I don’t want to keep it, I’m scared that it might change me.” Emmons wants to be true to herself and thinks that having millions of dollars will cause her to make terrible decisions and change her personality. “You know the saying, more money more problems and I definitely don’t need any more problems in my life right now” Emmons said in a serious tone.

Marquel Jeffries gave me the quickest response when I asked him the question, without thinking he said “I have to give back to my community back home.” Jeffries holds the position as the director of diversity and inclusion on campus, community development holds a special spot in his heart. The Buffalo native believes that anybody who makes a significant amount of money should give back. Jeffries told me passionately that “You have to go to your roots and give back, you have to nourish the community that raised you to create a giving cycle.” Jeffries is no stranger when it comes to giving back to his community, three years ago he created the F.R.A.N.C.S Scholarship for musicians to help them expand their dreams while going through school.

Winning the lottery can be a blessing and/or a curse. People fear that winning the lottery will not make their life better but more difficult. People who might have similar thoughts as Brennan and Emmons fear that their relationships with family and friends will change and become toxic. In the other hand winning the lottery can give people the opportunity for them to live their most desirable lifestyle. The concern of time and money would disappear once someone wins the lottery. You get the chance to pay away loans and bills, spend more time with family and friends, visit new places, experience new things, and make a difference in the world.




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