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Welcome to Daga Cribs, the first and only place to find the real experiences happening in the suites of Onondaga Hall: the best building on campus at SUNY Oswego. Daga Cribs features the different suite-styles that are set up throughout Onondaga and finding the most unique, efficient, comforting design. This was an evaluation of some of the best suites in Onondaga narrowing it down to two designs and in doing so, ultimately crown a champion of “Best Daga Crib.” In addition, an interview with some of the roommates living in the suites giving them an opportunity to share why they think they have the “Best Daga Crib.”       

Onondaga Hall

A little bit about Onondaga Hall and its history:

Onondaga Hall was first opened in 1968 and established as the 4th high rise dorm on Oswego’s campus and the 2nd high rise dorm on West Campus. The name Onondaga comes from a nation of the Iroquois Confederacy, the Onondaga, or people of the hills. It’s located next to the other residence halls on West Campus that all share similar names that came from area Native American tribes.


Onondaga even sounds the coolest, and you can’t have such a great nickname like “Daga” with any of the other dorms.


SUNY Oswego hosts 13 residential communities on campus and out of all of the options, Onondaga Hall is the one to go with. Incredibly friendly staff working in Onondaga and Morgan McAdam, the Hall Director is superb. Easy decision to say the least about choosing housing for sophomore year. This living option is only open to upper-class students as Onondaga is the only suite-style residence hall on campus, housing over 600 students with co-ed floors. Onondaga is definitely the most popular residence hall at Oswego State as it looks over Lake Ontario and Glimmerglass Lagoon.


Each suite houses six residents and its unique setup was designed to attract students with aspirations of living with a group of friends in a home-like setting. The six students are split up between 3 rooms and they all share a common living area, a bathroom, couches, tables, and chairs. Onondaga is connected to Little Page Dining Center and Glimmerglass Fitness Center via tunnels through the basement. In the basement, there is a big open lounge with couches, chairs, ping pong table, pool table, foosball table and a television that is adjacent to the kitchen and laundry room. 


Open Style

There are two main types of suite layouts that were most common among all the residents living in Onondaga from which I selected the top two. One common way students arranged their suite was in an open style, placing a television in the center of a main wall with a table in front of it and chairs and couches against all opposite walls facing the TV. This layout is the least decorative of the top designs due to its openness which causes a lack of joint activity between the members of the suite or company of the suite.

This suite is utilizing their space however they are not using a portion of the space wisely, leaving only a single couch that is not a desirable position to watch TV in. However the layout of the suite is quite efficient; its open space leaves lots of room for moving around, accessing personal rooms, and accessing the suite door and bathroom.

Their walls are decorated with some signs and posters which adds comfort and the residents of this suite play hockey which requires them to leave their equipment bags in the suite, taking up space and also takes away cleanliness points. But, a bonus feature of this Daga Crib is their ability to use that outlier of a couch by pulling it off of the wall and turning 180 degrees in which a projector displays motion picture onto the bare white wall. This is an extremely rare and innovative layout and is one of the reasons why it is in the running for “Best Daga Crib.”

Utilizing the other half of the room for a projection on the wall

I had a chance to interview a resident of this suite (405-407) Brennan Wallace about why he has the “Best Daga Crib” 


Split Layout

The opposing suite-style is a split layout; dividing the common living area in half, utilizing the entire space but having different uses for each side. On one side, a television is resting on top of a mini fridge with one of the circle tables in front of it and two couches, a futon, and a Papasan chair surrounding the table in a U-shape. Adjacent is another mini fridge holding another TV and a drawer that is the stand for an Xbox, PS4, Gamecube, and Keurig machine.



On the other side, a nine foot strip of putting green is on the floor in front of the door and the remaining chairs that are split by the other circle table against the same wall the TV is on. There is a dart board hung on the wall next to the bathroom. The residents have some of their lamps from their rooms in the common area which gives it a more home-like setting than the common area lights.

Flags cover every wall adding to the decorative points. The split layout design is only open on the side with the putting green and the suite door and more enclosed on the TV side. Having the couches in the square shape motivates joint activity and involves everyone in the activity happening on either side of the room. In contrast, the split layout design makes a tight walking space around the couches and table which is inefficient for walking around the suite and getting to personal rooms.

I got to interview Connor Wade, a resident of this suite (316-318) and find why he thinks he has the best suite in Onondaga:

After exploring all of the many different suite-styles created by residents throughout Onondaga, these two layout designs were the most popular and it’s pretty easy to see why. Each of these suites have many great qualities and also some bad qualities, but everyone is giving it the “old college try.” Even though both of these suites may be violating some of the Res Life rules, their layout designs are great spots to live in.

Suite 316-318 has been crowned the champion of “Best Daga Crib”

Their suite-style layout is an extreme home-like setting making it very comfortable to live there or even visit. The cleanliness, decorations, activities, and overall uniqueness, are all what make this suite the “Best Daga Crib.”

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