Something Cherished: Tribute Bands

Bands from older generations is something that is cherished by the people from them. Music is something that can bring back good memories and nostalgia from different times. But, sometimes seeing popular bands from the 60’s 70’s and 80’s is difficult or impossible due to price, accessibility or that the band isn’t around anymore. This is where the rise in popularity of cover bands and tribute bands came from. Cover bands and tribute bands have allowed for people to see their favorite bands from their childhood and teen years and relive those good memories and allows younger generations to experience music from different generations.

Contrary to popular belief, cover bands and tribute bands are different things and are both different experiences from each other. A cover band will just perform the music from the band they are covering and sometimes will cover songs from other bands. Tribute bands will not only perform the music from the band, but they will also dress like the band, have the same hairstyles and copy the same mannerisms as the band. Tribute bands offer an experience of seeing the real band because they are so similar. Cover and Tribute bands date back to the height of the Beatles success when a band named The Buggs created their first cover of a Beatles album. Tribute bands only became more popular after the Beatles split in the 70’s. Over the years, cover and tribute bands have only increased. Some prominent tribute bands are the Fab Four (Beatles tribute band), Zoso (Tribute to Led Zepplin) and One night of Queen (Queen tribute Band).

My parents are fans cover and tribute bands because they get to see their favorite bands and have attended many concerts including a Fleetwood Mac tribute band and a Led Zeppelin tribute band. My parents and their friends attend these concerts and I had Interviewed Laurie Orlop before the concert to see what the appeal was of cover bands

“I go to cover bands a lot because I would rather see my favorite bands for cheaper.I could pay $400 to see Fleetwood Mac or pay $50 to see a Fleetwood Mac Tribute band. They’re so talented that it doesn’t make a difference to me”

I had the opportunity to attend a Dead Letter Office (a REM cover band) and a Start Making Sense (a Talking Heads Tribute Band) on November 23rd which gave me some great insight into the differences between the two and the experience overall. This was my first time attending a Tribute Band Concert and I wasn’t sure what to expect. The venue was very nice and cover and tribute bands are rising in popularity to the point where they are getting the chance to perform in large venues. The concert was at Anthology which is a popular music venue in Rochester. Even more popular bands such as the Fab four and Zoso have had the opportunity to perform in large venues around the world.

The experience of the concert was different from concerts I’ve been to before. It seemed like I was seeing an extremely popular band at a bar in Rochester but really it was a tribute band. The audience consisted of older people, but it had seemed like I was brought back in time because of the energy in the concert area. I had a chance to talk to a few people about their experience seeing talking heads live and seeing talking heads in a cover band and they all agreed that it was so similar you can’t really tell the difference except for looks. I also talked to one of the owners of the bar after the concert he said

“We love having tribute bands here because it brings back the feel of another time and they sound great too”

I can see why people like to see tribute bands and how they can be just as good as the original bands. I would consider seeing another cover band in the future because the price is so good and the experience is one of a kind.


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